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Tara Rae

The Butt-Kicking Angel

Tara Rae, known as the Butt-Kicking Angel, is a Intuitive Emotional Counselor, transformational therapist and metaphysician who conducts workshops on be all you can be, Complete Body Alignments, gemstone use, and nutrition to name a few. She does personal consultations, and is available for expos and conventions. Tara's first book, Universe on the Move was published in May 1999. Her present lecture series is "Do everything easy and effortlessly or don't do it at all" based on her newly published book.
Book Cover
Book Cover
Universe on the Move
Be all you can be with out joining the Army

Universe on the Move is a voyage in the life of spiritual counselor Tara Rae. Starting with a candid look into Tara's early years in New York and at her life starting with her youth and her relationship with her parents and family. It openly discusses Tara's problems with school, her family and her sickly youth, leading up to a life changing decision in her 20's. Written in an easy to read format, Universe on the Move, provides an incite into such topics as "Be All You Can Be", "Releasing Toxic Vocabulary", "Listen to Your Body, Mind and Soul", and "Bringing in Angel Babies". Each chapter is made up of several stories from Tara's own experiences or from her many diverse clients. They are followed by an example, and a phrase or words of wisdom called taraisms. Taraisms sum up the lesson in an easy to understand phrase.

Tara presents the concept that by Divine Right, we are capable of experiencing miracles, prosperity and abundance. We are all born perfect children of God with all that it implies. When you turn to your Universal guides and or The Grand Omnipotent energy force, will help with your miracles. Universe on the Move provides guidelines and techniques on finding your guides and shows what they can do when you do tune into them.

Upcoming Events
Tara will be attending the following places of learning while performing book singings and lectures:
Dallas International Festival June. 16-17, 2001 Israel booth inside centennial bldg. in Fair Park
Overtones Bookstore 972-705-9933 800 North Coit Rd Store# 2330 July 8, saturday 1-4 Psychic Fair book signining.
Whole Life Expo Sept. 21,22 and 23 Fri, Sat and Sun Dallas Convention Center booth #915 Sponsored by Cornerstone Wellness Center 817-861-4673
Holistic Fair/Lecture Wchita Falls, Texas. Sept. 28,29 and 30, 2001 Vendors* Healers* readers* For Info: Karen 940-855-0848

Past Events
July 8 and July 9, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 7 p.m.-- Sci-Fi
Conference @ Radison Hotel-Hobby Airport, 9100 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas.
August 24-27 -- Silva International Convention - Laredo, TX. Guest appearance Sat. 8/26 Depak Chopra and Shakti Gawain. Conference cost .00
Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2000 Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.-- --Holistice Bazaar 2000, Arlington Convention Ctr.,1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, Texas
2 PBS Television Interviews - 2001, Houston, Texas